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vpn manager
Service net.connman.vpn
Interface net.connman.vpn.Manager
Object path /
Method object Create(dict settings) [experimental]
Create a new VPN connection and configuration using
the supplied settings.
void Remove(object vpn) [experimental]
Remove the previously created VPN configuration.
array{object,dict} GetConnections() [experimental]
Returns a list of tuples with VPN connection object
path and dictionary of their properties.
Possible Errors: [manager].Error.InvalidArguments
void RegisterAgent(object path) [experimental]
Register new agent for handling user requests.
Possible Errors: [manager].Error.InvalidArguments
void UnregisterAgent(object path) [experimental]
Unregister an existing agent.
Possible Errors: [manager].Error.InvalidArguments
Signals ConnectionAdded(object path, dict properties) [experimental]
Signal that is sent when a new VPN connection
is added.
It contains the object path of the VPN connection
and also its properties.
ConnectionRemoved(object path) [experimental]
Signal that is sent when a VPN connection
has been removed.
The object path is no longer accessible after this
signal and only emitted for reference.