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Kernel driver coretemp
Supported chips:
* All Intel Core family
Prefix: 'coretemp'
CPUID: family 0x6, models 0xe (Pentium M DC), 0xf (Core 2 DC 65nm),
0x16 (Core 2 SC 65nm), 0x17 (Penryn 45nm),
0x1a (Nehalem), 0x1c (Atom), 0x1e (Lynnfield)
Datasheet: Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual
Volume 3A: System Programming Guide
Author: Rudolf Marek
This driver permits reading temperature sensor embedded inside Intel Core CPU.
Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius and measurement resolution is
1 degree C. Valid temperatures are from 0 to TjMax degrees C, because
the actual value of temperature register is in fact a delta from TjMax.
Temperature known as TjMax is the maximum junction temperature of processor,
which depends on the CPU model. See table below. At this temperature, protection
mechanism will perform actions to forcibly cool down the processor. Alarm
may be raised, if the temperature grows enough (more than TjMax) to trigger
the Out-Of-Spec bit. Following table summarizes the exported sysfs files:
temp1_input - Core temperature (in millidegrees Celsius).
temp1_max - All cooling devices should be turned on (on Core2).
temp1_crit - Maximum junction temperature (in millidegrees Celsius).
temp1_crit_alarm - Set when Out-of-spec bit is set, never clears.
Correct CPU operation is no longer guaranteed.
temp1_label - Contains string "Core X", where X is processor
The TjMax temperature is set to 85 degrees C if undocumented model specific
register (UMSR) 0xee has bit 30 set. If not the TjMax is 100 degrees C as
(sometimes) documented in processor datasheet.
Appendix A. Known TjMax lists (TBD):
Some information comes from
Process Processor TjMax(C)
32nm Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
i7 660UM/640/620, 640LM/620, 620M, 610E 105
i5 540UM/520/430, 540M/520/450/430 105
i3 330E, 370M/350/330 90 rPGA, 105 BGA
i3 330UM 105
32nm Core i7 Extreme Processors
980X 100
32nm Celeron Processors
U3400 105
P4505/P4500 90
45nm Xeon Processors 5400 Quad-Core
X5492, X5482, X5472, X5470, X5460, X5450 85
E5472, E5462, E5450/40/30/20/10/05 85
L5408 95
L5430, L5420, L5410 70
45nm Xeon Processors 5200 Dual-Core
X5282, X5272, X5270, X5260 90
E5240 90
E5205, E5220 70, 90
L5240 70
L5238, L5215 95
45nm Atom Processors
D525/510/425/410 100
Z560/550/540/530P/530/520PT/520/515/510PT/510P 90
Z510/500 90
N475/470/455/450 100
N280/270 90
330/230 125
45nm Core2 Processors
Solo ULV SU3500/3300 100
T9900/9800/9600/9550/9500/9400/9300/8300/8100 105
T6670/6500/6400 105
T6600 90
SU9600/9400/9300 105
SP9600/9400 105
SL9600/9400/9380/9300 105
P9700/9600/9500/8800/8700/8600/8400/7570 105
P7550/7450 90
45nm Core2 Quad Processors
Q9100/9000 100
45nm Core2 Extreme Processors
X9100/9000 105
QX9300 100
45nm Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
i7 940XM/920 100
i7 840QM/820/740/720 100
45nm Celeron Processors
SU2300 100
900 105
65nm Core2 Duo Processors
Solo U2200, U2100 100
U7700/7600/7500 100
T7800/7700/7600/7500/7400/7300/7250/7200/7100 100
T5870/5670/5600/5550/5500/5470/5450/5300/5270 100
T5250 100
T5800/5750/5200 85
L7700/7500/7400/7300/7200 100
65nm Core2 Extreme Processors
X7900/7800 100
65nm Core Duo Processors
U2500/2400 100
T2700/2600/2450/2400/2350/2300E/2300/2250/2050 100
L2500/2400/2300 100
65nm Core Solo Processors
U1500/1400/1300 100
T1400/1350/1300/1250 100
65nm Xeon Processors 5000 Quad-Core
X5000 90-95
E5000 80
L5000 70
L5318 95
65nm Xeon Processors 5000 Dual-Core
5080, 5063, 5060, 5050, 5030 80-90
5160, 5150, 5148, 5140, 5130, 5120, 5110 80
L5138 100
65nm Celeron Processors
T1700/1600 100
560/550/540/530 100