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Kernel driver twl4030-madc
Supported chips:
* Texas Instruments TWL4030
Prefix: 'twl4030-madc'
J Keerthy <j-keerthy at>
The Texas Instruments TWL4030 is a Power Management and Audio Circuit. Among
other things it contains a 10-bit A/D converter MADC. The converter has 16
channels which can be used in different modes.
See this table for the meaning of the different channels
Channel Signal
0 Battery type(BTYPE)
1 BCI: Battery temperature (BTEMP)
2 GP analog input
3 GP analog input
4 GP analog input
5 GP analog input
6 GP analog input
7 GP analog input
8 BCI: VBUS voltage(VBUS)
9 Backup Battery voltage (VBKP)
10 BCI: Battery charger current (ICHG)
11 BCI: Battery charger voltage (VCHG)
12 BCI: Main battery voltage (VBAT)
13 Reserved
14 Reserved
15 VRUSB Supply/Speaker left/Speaker right polarization level
The Sysfs nodes will represent the voltage in the units of mV,
the temperature channel shows the converted raw voltage in mV.
The Battery charging current channel represents raw voltage mV.
Channel 13 and 14 are reserved.