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Linux* Base Driver for Intel(R) Network Connection
Intel Gigabit Linux driver.
Copyright(c) 1999 - 2010 Intel Corporation.
- Identifying Your Adapter
- Known Issues/Troubleshooting
- Support
This file describes the ixgbevf Linux* Base Driver for Intel Network
The ixgbevf driver supports 82599-based virtual function devices that can only
be activated on kernels with CONFIG_PCI_IOV enabled.
The ixgbevf driver supports virtual functions generated by the ixgbe driver
with a max_vfs value of 1 or greater.
The guest OS loading the ixgbevf driver must support MSI-X interrupts.
VLANs: There is a limit of a total of 32 shared VLANs to 1 or more VFs.
Identifying Your Adapter
For more information on how to identify your adapter, go to the Adapter &
Driver ID Guide at:
Known Issues/Troubleshooting
Unloading Physical Function (PF) Driver Causes System Reboots When VM is
Running and VF is Loaded on the VM
Do not unload the PF driver (ixgbe) while VFs are assigned to guests.
For general information, go to the Intel support website at:
or the Intel Wired Networking project hosted by Sourceforge at:
If an issue is identified with the released source code on the supported
kernel with a supported adapter, email the specific information related
to the issue to