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* Generic library functions for the microengines found on the Intel
* IXP2000 series of network processors.
* Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 Lennert Buytenhek <>
* Dedicated to Marija Kulikova.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the
* License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef __IXP2000_UENGINE_H
#define __IXP2000_UENGINE_H
extern u32 ixp2000_uengine_mask;
struct ixp2000_uengine_code
u32 cpu_model_bitmask;
u8 cpu_min_revision;
u8 cpu_max_revision;
u32 uengine_parameters;
struct ixp2000_reg_value {
int reg;
u32 value;
} *initial_reg_values;
int num_insns;
u8 *insns;
u32 ixp2000_uengine_csr_read(int uengine, int offset);
void ixp2000_uengine_csr_write(int uengine, int offset, u32 value);
void ixp2000_uengine_reset(u32 uengine_mask);
void ixp2000_uengine_set_mode(int uengine, u32 mode);
void ixp2000_uengine_load_microcode(int uengine, u8 *ucode, int insns);
void ixp2000_uengine_init_context(int uengine, int context, int pc);
void ixp2000_uengine_start_contexts(int uengine, u8 ctx_mask);
void ixp2000_uengine_stop_contexts(int uengine, u8 ctx_mask);
int ixp2000_uengine_load(int uengine, struct ixp2000_uengine_code *c);
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_8_CONTEXTS 0x00000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_4_CONTEXTS 0x80000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_PRN_UPDATE_EVERY 0x40000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_PRN_UPDATE_ON_ACCESS 0x00000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_NN_FROM_SELF 0x00100000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_NN_FROM_PREVIOUS 0x00000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_ASSERT_EMPTY_AT_3 0x000c0000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_ASSERT_EMPTY_AT_2 0x00080000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_ASSERT_EMPTY_AT_1 0x00040000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_ASSERT_EMPTY_AT_0 0x00000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_LM_ADDR1_GLOBAL 0x00020000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_LM_ADDR1_PER_CONTEXT 0x00000000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_LM_ADDR0_GLOBAL 0x00010000
#define IXP2000_UENGINE_LM_ADDR0_PER_CONTEXT 0x00000000