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What: /sys/devices/*/<our-device>/eeprom
Date: August 2013
Contact: Oliver Schinagl <>
Description: read-only access to the SID (Security-ID) on current
A-series SoC's from Allwinner. Currently supports A10, A10s, A13
and A20 CPU's. The earlier A1x series of SoCs exports 16 bytes,
whereas the newer A20 SoC exposes 512 bytes split into sections.
Besides the 16 bytes of SID, there's also an SJTAG area,
HDMI-HDCP key and some custom keys. Below a quick overview, for
details see the user manual:
0x000 128 bit root-key (sun[457]i)
0x010 128 bit boot-key (sun7i)
0x020 64 bit security-jtag-key (sun7i)
0x028 16 bit key configuration (sun7i)
0x02b 16 bit custom-vendor-key (sun7i)
0x02c 320 bit low general key (sun7i)
0x040 32 bit read-control access (sun7i)
0x064 224 bit low general key (sun7i)
0x080 2304 bit HDCP-key (sun7i)
0x1a0 768 bit high general key (sun7i)
Users: any user space application which wants to read the SID on
Allwinner's A-series of CPU's.