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What: /sys/devices/platform/at91_can/net/<iface>/mb0_id
Date: January 2011
KernelVersion: 2.6.38
Contact: Marc Kleine-Budde <>
Value representing the can_id of mailbox 0.
Default: 0x7ff (standard frame)
Due to a chip bug (errata & in
"AT91SAM9263 Preliminary 6249H-ATARM-27-Jul-09") the
contents of mailbox 0 may be send under certain
conditions (even if disabled or in rx mode).
The workaround in the errata suggests not to use the
mailbox and load it with an unused identifier.
In order to use an extended can_id add the
CAN_EFF_FLAG (0x80000000U) to the can_id. Example:
- standard id 0x7ff:
echo 0x7ff > /sys/class/net/can0/mb0_id
- extended id 0x1fffffff:
echo 0x9fffffff > /sys/class/net/can0/mb0_id