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* ARM Global Timer
Cortex-A9 are often associated with a per-core Global timer.
** Timer node required properties:
- compatible : should contain
* "arm,cortex-a5-global-timer" for Cortex-A5 global timers.
* "arm,cortex-a9-global-timer" for Cortex-A9 global
timers or any compatible implementation. Note: driver
supports versions r2p0 and above.
- interrupts : One interrupt to each core
- reg : Specify the base address and the size of the GT timer
register window.
- clocks : Should be phandle to a clock.
timer@2c000600 {
compatible = "arm,cortex-a9-global-timer";
reg = <0x2c000600 0x20>;
interrupts = <1 13 0xf01>;
clocks = <&arm_periph_clk>;