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* Xen hypervisor device tree bindings
Xen ARM virtual platforms shall have a top-level "hypervisor" node with
the following properties:
- compatible:
compatible = "xen,xen-<version>", "xen,xen";
where <version> is the version of the Xen ABI of the platform.
- reg: specifies the base physical address and size of a region in
memory where the grant table should be mapped to, using an
HYPERVISOR_memory_op hypercall. The memory region is large enough to map
the whole grant table (it is larger or equal to gnttab_max_grant_frames()).
- interrupts: the interrupt used by Xen to inject event notifications.
A GIC node is also required.
Example (assuming #address-cells = <2> and #size-cells = <2>):
hypervisor {
compatible = "xen,xen-4.3", "xen,xen";
reg = <0 0xb0000000 0 0x20000>;
interrupts = <1 15 0xf08>;