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* Aptina 1/3-Inch WVGA CMOS Digital Image Sensor
The Aptina MT9V032 is a 1/3-inch CMOS active pixel digital image sensor with
an active array size of 752H x 480V. It is programmable through a simple
two-wire serial interface.
Required Properties:
- compatible: value should be either one among the following
(a) "aptina,mt9v022" for MT9V022 color sensor
(b) "aptina,mt9v022m" for MT9V022 monochrome sensor
(c) "aptina,mt9v024" for MT9V024 color sensor
(d) "aptina,mt9v024m" for MT9V024 monochrome sensor
(e) "aptina,mt9v032" for MT9V032 color sensor
(f) "aptina,mt9v032m" for MT9V032 monochrome sensor
(g) "aptina,mt9v034" for MT9V034 color sensor
(h) "aptina,mt9v034m" for MT9V034 monochrome sensor
Optional Properties:
- link-frequencies: List of allowed link frequencies in Hz. Each frequency is
expressed as a 64-bit big-endian integer.
For further reading on port node refer to
mt9v032@5c {
compatible = "aptina,mt9v032";
reg = <0x5c>;
port {
mt9v032_out: endpoint {
link-frequencies = /bits/ 64
<13000000 26600000 27000000>;