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QCOM Top Control and Status Register
Qualcomm devices have a set of registers that provide various control and status
functions for their peripherals. This node is intended to allow access to these
registers via syscon.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should contain:
"qcom,tcsr-ipq8064", "syscon" for IPQ8064
"qcom,tcsr-apq8064", "syscon" for APQ8064
"qcom,tcsr-msm8660", "syscon" for MSM8660
"qcom,tcsr-msm8960", "syscon" for MSM8960
"qcom,tcsr-msm8974", "syscon" for MSM8974
"qcom,tcsr-apq8084", "syscon" for APQ8084
"qcom,tcsr-msm8916", "syscon" for MSM8916
- reg: Address range for TCSR registers
tcsr: syscon@1a400000 {
compatible = "qcom,tcsr-msm8960", "syscon";
reg = <0x1a400000 0x100>;