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Aeroflex Gaisler GRCAN and GRHCAN CAN controllers.
The GRCAN and CRHCAN CAN controllers are available in the GRLIB VHDL IP core
Note: These properties are built from the AMBA plug&play in a Leon SPARC system
(the ordinary environment for GRCAN and GRHCAN). There are no dts files for
Required properties:
- name : Should be "GAISLER_GRCAN", "01_03d", "GAISLER_GRHCAN" or "01_034"
- reg : Address and length of the register set for the device
- freq : Frequency of the external oscillator clock in Hz (the frequency of
the amba bus in the ordinary case)
- interrupts : Interrupt number for this device
Optional properties:
- systemid : If not present or if the value of the least significant 16 bits
of this 32-bit property is smaller than GRCAN_TXBUG_SAFE_GRLIB_VERSION
a bug workaround is activated.
For further information look in the documentation for the GLIB IP core library: