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* Amlogic Meson DWMAC Ethernet controller
The device inherits all the properties of the dwmac/stmmac devices
described in the file net/stmmac.txt with the following changes.
Required properties:
- compatible: should be "amlogic,meson6-dwmac" along with "snps,dwmac"
and any applicable more detailed version number
described in net/stmmac.txt
- reg: should contain a register range for the dwmac controller and
another one for the Amlogic specific configuration
ethmac: ethernet@c9410000 {
compatible = "amlogic,meson6-dwmac", "snps,dwmac";
reg = <0xc9410000 0x10000
0xc1108108 0x4>;
interrupts = <0 8 1>;
interrupt-names = "macirq";
clocks = <&clk81>;
clock-names = "stmmaceth";