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Altera SOCFPGA SoC DWMAC controller
This is a variant of the dwmac/stmmac driver an inherits all descriptions
present in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/stmmac.txt.
The device node has additional properties:
Required properties:
- compatible : Should contain "altr,socfpga-stmmac" along with
"snps,dwmac" and any applicable more detailed
designware version numbers documented in stmmac.txt
- altr,sysmgr-syscon : Should be the phandle to the system manager node that
encompasses the glue register, the register offset, and the register shift.
Optional properties:
altr,emac-splitter: Should be the phandle to the emac splitter soft IP node if
DWMAC controller is connected emac splitter.
gmac0: ethernet@ff700000 {
compatible = "altr,socfpga-stmmac", "snps,dwmac-3.70a", "snps,dwmac";
altr,sysmgr-syscon = <&sysmgr 0x60 0>;
status = "disabled";
reg = <0xff700000 0x2000>;
interrupts = <0 115 4>;
interrupt-names = "macirq";
mac-address = [00 00 00 00 00 00];/* Filled in by U-Boot */
clocks = <&emac_0_clk>;
clock-names = "stmmaceth";