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Binding for Nokia N900 battery
The Nokia N900 battery status can be read via the TWL4030's A/D converter.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should contain one of the following:
* "nokia,n900-battery"
- io-channels: Should contain IIO channel specifiers
for each element in io-channel-names.
- io-channel-names: Should contain the following values:
* "temp" - The ADC channel for temperature reading
* "bsi" - The ADC channel for battery size identification
* "vbat" - The ADC channel to measure the battery voltage
Example from Nokia N900:
battery: n900-battery {
compatible = "nokia,n900-battery";
io-channels = <&twl4030_madc 0>,
<&twl4030_madc 4>,
<&twl4030_madc 12>;
io-channel-names = "temp",