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* Real Time Clock of the Armada 38x SoCs
RTC controller for the Armada 38x SoCs
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be "marvell,armada-380-rtc"
- reg: a list of base address and size pairs, one for each entry in
- reg names: should contain:
* "rtc" for the RTC registers
* "rtc-soc" for the SoC related registers and among them the one
related to the interrupt.
- interrupts: IRQ line for the RTC.
rtc@a3800 {
compatible = "marvell,armada-380-rtc";
reg = <0xa3800 0x20>, <0x184a0 0x0c>;
reg-names = "rtc", "rtc-soc";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 21 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;