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CS4265 audio CODEC
This device supports I2C only.
Required properties:
- compatible : "cirrus,cs4265"
- reg : the I2C address of the device for I2C. The I2C address depends on
the state of the AD0 pin. If AD0 is high, the i2c address is 0x4f.
If it is low, the i2c address is 0x4e.
Optional properties:
- reset-gpios : a GPIO spec for the reset pin. If specified, it will be
deasserted before communication to the codec starts.
codec_ad0_high: cs4265@4f { /* AD0 Pin is high */
compatible = "cirrus,cs4265";
reg = <0x4f>;
codec_ad0_low: cs4265@4e { /* AD0 Pin is low */
compatible = "cirrus,cs4265";
reg = <0x4e>;