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NVIDIA Tegra audio complex for TrimSlice
Required properties:
- compatible : "nvidia,tegra-audio-trimslice"
- clocks : Must contain an entry for each entry in clock-names.
- clock-names : Must include the following entries:
"pll_a" (The Tegra clock of that name),
"pll_a_out0" (The Tegra clock of that name),
"mclk" (The Tegra cdev1/extern1 clock, which feeds the CODEC's mclk)
- nvidia,i2s-controller : The phandle of the Tegra I2S1 controller
- nvidia,audio-codec : The phandle of the WM8903 audio codec
sound {
compatible = "nvidia,tegra-audio-trimslice";
nvidia,i2s-controller = <&tegra_i2s1>;
nvidia,audio-codec = <&codec>;
clocks = <&tegra_car 112>, <&tegra_car 113>, <&tegra_car 93>;
clock-names = "pll_a", "pll_a_out0", "mclk";