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Texas Instruments - tlv320aic31xx Codec module
The tlv320aic31xx serial control bus communicates through I2C protocols
Required properties:
- compatible - "string" - One of:
"ti,tlv320aic310x" - Generic TLV320AIC31xx with mono speaker amp
"ti,tlv320aic311x" - Generic TLV320AIC31xx with stereo speaker amp
"ti,tlv320aic3100" - TLV320AIC3100 (mono speaker amp, no MiniDSP)
"ti,tlv320aic3110" - TLV320AIC3110 (stereo speaker amp, no MiniDSP)
"ti,tlv320aic3120" - TLV320AIC3120 (mono speaker amp, MiniDSP)
"ti,tlv320aic3111" - TLV320AIC3111 (stereo speaker amp, MiniDSP)
- reg - <int> - I2C slave address
- HPVDD-supply, SPRVDD-supply, SPLVDD-supply, AVDD-supply, IOVDD-supply,
DVDD-supply : power supplies for the device as covered in
Optional properties:
- gpio-reset - gpio pin number used for codec reset
- ai31xx-micbias-vg - MicBias Voltage setting
1 or MICBIAS_2_0V - MICBIAS output is powered to 2.0V
2 or MICBIAS_2_5V - MICBIAS output is powered to 2.5V
3 or MICBIAS_AVDD - MICBIAS output is connected to AVDD
If this node is not mentioned or if the value is unknown, then
micbias is set to 2.0V.
CODEC output pins:
* SPL, devices with stereo speaker amp
* SPR, devices with stereo speaker amp
* SPK, devices with mono speaker amp
CODEC input pins:
The pins can be used in referring sound node's audio-routing property.
#include <dt-bindings/sound/tlv320aic31xx-micbias.h>
tlv320aic31xx: tlv320aic31xx@18 {
compatible = "ti,tlv320aic311x";
reg = <0x18>;
ai31xx-micbias-vg = <MICBIAS_OFF>;
HPVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
SPRVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
SPLVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
AVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
IOVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
DVDD-supply = <&regulator>;