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synopsys DWC3 CORE
Required properties:
- compatible: must be "snps,dwc3"
- reg : Address and length of the register set for the device
- interrupts: Interrupts used by the dwc3 controller.
Optional properties:
- usb-phy : array of phandle for the PHY device. The first element
in the array is expected to be a handle to the USB2/HS PHY and
the second element is expected to be a handle to the USB3/SS PHY
- phys: from the *Generic PHY* bindings
- phy-names: from the *Generic PHY* bindings
- tx-fifo-resize: determines if the FIFO *has* to be reallocated.
- snps,usb3_lpm_capable: determines if platform is USB3 LPM capable
- snps,disable_scramble_quirk: true when SW should disable data scrambling.
Only really useful for FPGA builds.
- snps,has-lpm-erratum: true when DWC3 was configured with LPM Erratum enabled
- snps,lpm-nyet-threshold: LPM NYET threshold
- snps,u2exit_lfps_quirk: set if we want to enable u2exit lfps quirk
- snps,u2ss_inp3_quirk: set if we enable P3 OK for U2/SS Inactive quirk
- snps,req_p1p2p3_quirk: when set, the core will always request for
P1/P2/P3 transition sequence.
- snps,del_p1p2p3_quirk: when set core will delay P1/P2/P3 until a certain
amount of 8B10B errors occur.
- snps,del_phy_power_chg_quirk: when set core will delay PHY power change
from P0 to P1/P2/P3.
- snps,lfps_filter_quirk: when set core will filter LFPS reception.
- snps,rx_detect_poll_quirk: when set core will disable a 400us delay to start
Polling LFPS after RX.Detect.
- snps,tx_de_emphasis_quirk: when set core will set Tx de-emphasis value.
- snps,tx_de_emphasis: the value driven to the PHY is controlled by the
LTSSM during USB3 Compliance mode.
- snps,dis_u3_susphy_quirk: when set core will disable USB3 suspend phy.
- snps,dis_u2_susphy_quirk: when set core will disable USB2 suspend phy.
- snps,is-utmi-l1-suspend: true when DWC3 asserts output signal
utmi_l1_suspend_n, false when asserts utmi_sleep_n
- snps,hird-threshold: HIRD threshold
This is usually a subnode to DWC3 glue to which it is connected.
dwc3@4a030000 {
compatible = "snps,dwc3";
reg = <0x4a030000 0xcfff>;
interrupts = <0 92 4>
usb-phy = <&usb2_phy>, <&usb3,phy>;