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ARM Versatile Express Serial Configuration Controller
Test chips for ARM Versatile Express platform implement SCC (Serial
Configuration Controller) interface, used to set initial conditions
for the test chip.
In some cases its registers are also mapped in normal address space
and can be used to obtain runtime information about the chip internals
(like silicon temperature sensors) and as interface to other subsystems
like platform configuration control and power management.
Required properties:
- compatible value: "arm,vexpress-scc,<model>", "arm,vexpress-scc";
where <model> is the full tile model name (as used
in the tile's Technical Reference Manual),
eg. for Coretile Express A15x2 A7x3 (V2P-CA15_A7):
compatible = "arm,vexpress-scc,v2p-ca15_a7", "arm,vexpress-scc";
Optional properties:
- reg: when the SCC is memory mapped, physical address and size of the
registers window
- interrupts: when the SCC can generate a system-level interrupt
scc@7fff0000 {
compatible = "arm,vexpress-scc,v2p-ca15_a7", "arm,vexpress-scc";
reg = <0 0x7fff0000 0 0x1000>;
interrupts = <0 95 4>;