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* Renesas RZ Clock Pulse Generator (CPG)
The CPG generates core clocks for the RZ SoCs. It includes the PLL, variable
CPU and GPU clocks, and several fixed ratio dividers.
Required Properties:
- compatible: Must be one of
- "renesas,r7s72100-cpg-clocks" for the r7s72100 CPG
- "renesas,rz-cpg-clocks" for the generic RZ CPG
- reg: Base address and length of the memory resource used by the CPG
- clocks: References to possible parent clocks. Order must match clock modes
in the datasheet. For the r7s72100, this is extal, usb_x1.
- #clock-cells: Must be 1
- clock-output-names: The names of the clocks. Supported clocks are "pll",
"i", and "g"
cpg_clocks: cpg_clocks@fcfe0000 {
#clock-cells = <1>;
compatible = "renesas,r7s72100-cpg-clocks",
reg = <0xfcfe0000 0x18>;
clocks = <&extal_clk>, <&usb_x1_clk>;
clock-output-names = "pll", "i", "g";