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MOXA ART DMA Controller
See dma.txt first
Required properties:
- compatible : Must be "moxa,moxart-dma"
- reg : Should contain registers location and length
- interrupts : Should contain an interrupt-specifier for the sole
interrupt generated by the device
- #dma-cells : Should be 1, a single cell holding a line request number
dma: dma@90500000 {
compatible = "moxa,moxart-dma";
reg = <0x90500080 0x40>;
interrupts = <24 0>;
#dma-cells = <1>;
DMA clients connected to the MOXA ART DMA controller must use the format
described in the dma.txt file, using a two-cell specifier for each channel:
a phandle plus one integer cells.
The two cells in order are:
1. A phandle pointing to the DMA controller.
2. Peripheral identifier for the hardware handshaking interface.
Use specific request line passing from dma
For example, MMC request line is 5
sdhci: sdhci@98e00000 {
compatible = "moxa,moxart-sdhci";
reg = <0x98e00000 0x5C>;
interrupts = <5 0>;
clocks = <&clk_apb>;
dmas = <&dma 5>,
<&dma 5>;
dma-names = "tx", "rx";