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* Generic Mailbox Controller and client driver bindings
Generic binding to provide a way for Mailbox controller drivers to
assign appropriate mailbox channel to client drivers.
* Mailbox Controller
Required property:
- #mbox-cells: Must be at least 1. Number of cells in a mailbox
mailbox: mailbox {
#mbox-cells = <1>;
* Mailbox Client
Required property:
- mboxes: List of phandle and mailbox channel specifiers.
Optional property:
- mbox-names: List of identifier strings for each mailbox channel
required by the client. The use of this property
is discouraged in favor of using index in list of
'mboxes' while requesting a mailbox. Instead the
platforms may define channel indices, in DT headers,
to something legible.
pwr_cntrl: power {
mbox-names = "pwr-ctrl", "rpc";
mboxes = <&mailbox 0
&mailbox 1>;