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* Freescale Management Complex
The Freescale Management Complex (fsl-mc) is a hardware resource
manager that manages specialized hardware objects used in
network-oriented packet processing applications. After the fsl-mc
block is enabled, pools of hardware resources are available, such as
queues, buffer pools, I/O interfaces. These resources are building
blocks that can be used to create functional hardware objects/devices
such as network interfaces, crypto accelerator instances, L2 switches,
Required properties:
- compatible
Value type: <string>
Definition: Must be "fsl,qoriq-mc". A Freescale Management Complex
compatible with this binding must have Block Revision
Registers BRR1 and BRR2 at offset 0x0BF8 and 0x0BFC in
the MC control register region.
- reg
Value type: <prop-encoded-array>
Definition: A standard property. Specifies one or two regions
defining the MC's registers:
-the first region is the command portal for the
this machine and must always be present
-the second region is the MC control registers. This
region may not be present in some scenarios, such
as in the device tree presented to a virtual machine.
fsl_mc: fsl-mc@80c000000 {
compatible = "fsl,qoriq-mc";
reg = <0x00000008 0x0c000000 0 0x40>, /* MC portal base */
<0x00000000 0x08340000 0 0x40000>; /* MC control reg */