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README file for the PCBIT-D Device Driver.
The PCBIT is a Euro ISDN adapter manufactured in Portugal by Octal and
developed in cooperation with Portugal Telecom and Inesc.
The driver interfaces with the standard kernel isdn facilities
originally developed by Fritz Elfert in the isdn4linux project.
The common versions of the pcbit board require a firmware that is
distributed (and copyrighted) by the manufacturer. To load this
firmware you need "pcbitctl" available on the standard isdn4k-utils
package or in the pcbit package available in:
Known Limitations:
- The board reset procedure is at the moment incorrect and will only
allow you to load the firmware after a hard reset.
- Only HDLC in B-channels is supported at the moment. There is no
current support for X.25 in B or D channels nor LAPD in B
channels. The main reason is that these two other protocol modes have,
to my knowledge, very little use. If you want to see them implemented
*do* send me a mail.
- The driver often triggers errors in the board that I and the
manufacturer believe to be caused by bugs in the firmware. The current
version includes several procedures for error recovery that should
allow normal operation. Plans for the future include cooperation with
the manufacturer in order to solve this problem.
Information/hints/help can be obtained in the linux isdn
mailing list ( or directly from me.