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* Copyright (C) 2013, Intel Corporation
* Copyright (C) 2015 Google, Inc
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Intel
#ifndef _FSP_AZALIA_H_
#define _FSP_AZALIA_H_
struct __packed pch_azalia_verb_table_header {
uint32_t vendor_device_id;
uint16_t sub_system_id;
uint8_t revision_id; /* 0xff applies to all steppings */
uint8_t front_panel_support;
uint16_t number_of_rear_jacks;
uint16_t number_of_front_jacks;
struct __packed pch_azalia_verb_table {
struct pch_azalia_verb_table_header verb_table_header;
const uint32_t *verb_table_data;
struct __packed pch_azalia_config {
uint8_t pme_enable:1;
uint8_t docking_supported:1;
uint8_t docking_attached:1;
uint8_t hdmi_codec_enable:1;
uint8_t azalia_v_ci_enable:1;
uint8_t rsvdbits:3;
/* number of verb tables provided by platform */
uint8_t azalia_verb_table_num;
const struct pch_azalia_verb_table *azalia_verb_table;
/* delay timer after azalia reset */
uint16_t reset_wait_timer_us;