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Installation of U-Boot using PIBS firmware
This document describes how to install U-Boot on the Ocotea PPC440GX
Evaluation Board. We do not erase the PIBS firmware but install U-Boot in the
soldered FLASH. After this you should be able to switch between PIBS and
U-Boot via the switch U46 SW1. Please check that SW1 is off (= open) before
Connect to the serial port 0 (J11 lower) of the Ocotea board using the cu
program. See the hints for configuring cu above. Make sure you can
communicate with the PIBS firmware: reset the board and hit ENTER a couple of
times until you see the PIBS prompt (PIBS $). Then proceed as follows:
Read MAC Addresses from PIBS
To read the configured MAC addresses available on your Ocotea board please use
the following commands:
PIBS $ echo $hwdaddr0
PIBS $ echo $hwdaddr1
PIBS $ echo $hwdaddr2
PIBS $ echo $hwdaddr3
In U-Boot this is stored in the following environment variables:
* Ethernet Address 0: ethaddr = 000173017FE3 (==> 00:01:73:01:7F:E3)
* Ethernet Address 1: eth1addr = 000173017FE4 (==> 00:01:73:01:7F:E4)
* Ethernet Address 2: eth2addr = 000173017FE1 (==> 00:01:73:01:7F:E1)
* Ethernet Address 3: eth3addr = 000173017FE2 (==> 00:01:73:01:7F:E2)
Configure the network interface (ent0 == emac0)
To download the U-Boot image we need to configure the ethernet interface with
the following commands:
PIBS $ ifconfig ent0 netmask up
PIBS $ set ipdstaddr0=
status: writing PIBS variable value to FLASH
PIBS $ set bootfilename=/tftpboot/ocotea/u-boot.bin
status: writing PIBS variable value to FLASH
Please insert correct parameters for your configuration (ip-addresses and
Program U-Boot into soldered User-FLASH
Please make sure to use a newer version of U-Boot (at least 1.1.3), since
older versions don't support running from user-FLASH.
To program U-Boot into the soldered user-FLASH use the following command:
PIBS $ storefile bin eth 0xffbc0000
This commands loads the file vis ethernet into ram and copies it into the
Switch to U-Boot
Now you can turn your board off and switch SW1 (U46) to on (= closed). After
powering the board you should see the following message:
U-Boot 1.1.3 (Apr 5 2005 - 22:59:57)
AMCC PowerPC 440 GX Rev. C
Board: AMCC 440GX Evaluation Board
VCO: 1066 MHz
CPU: 533 MHz
PLB: 152 MHz
OPB: 76 MHz
EPB: 76 MHz
I2C: ready
DRAM: 256 MB
PCI: Bus Dev VenId DevId Class Int
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
KGDB: kgdb ready
Net: ppc_440x_eth0, ppc_440x_eth1, ppc_440x_eth2, ppc_440x_eth3
April 06 2005, Stefan Roese <>