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.TH aseqnet 1 "January 1, 2000"
.LO 1
aseqnet \- ALSA sequencer connectors over network
.B aseqnet
.B aseqnet
is an ALSA sequencer client which sends and receives event packets
over network.
Suppose two hosts connected by network,
.I hostA
as a server
.I hostB
as a client.
The ALSA sequencer system must be running on both hosts.
For creating the server port, run the following on hostA:
.IP "" 4
hostA% aseqnet
sequencer opened: 128:0
Then a user client 128 with port 0 was opened on hostA.
(The client number may vary.)
For creating the (network-)client port, run
.B aseqnet
with the hostname of the server:
.IP "" 4
hostB% aseqnet hostA
sequencer opened: 132:0
Now all events sent to hostA:128:0 are transferred to hostB:132:0, and vice
The ports created by
.B aseqnet
can be connected arbitrary to other sequencer ports via
.B aconnect(1).
For example, to connect hostB:132:0 to a MIDI output device 65:0:
.IP "" 4
hostB% aconnect 132:0 65:0
Then events to hostA:128:0 will be delivered to hostB:65:0.
The following command plays MIDI on
.I hostB.
.IP "" 4
hostA% pmidi \-p 128:0 foo.mid
The multiple clients may exist simultaneously. If
.I hostC
is connected as a client to hostA, events from from hostA are sent
to all connected network clients, i.e. hostB and hostC.
However, only one connection is allowed from a client to a server.
To disconnect network, stop all clients before server by ctrl-C or
sending signal to them. The server will automatically quit.
.B \-p port
Specify the TCP port number or TCP service name.
.B \-s addr
Subscribe to the given address for read automatically.
.B \-d addr
Subscribe to the given address for write automatically.
.B \-v
Verbose mode.
aconnect(1), pmidi(1)
Takashi Iwai <>.