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This version of the bridge utilities is for Linux 2.4 and 2.6,
it uses the sysfs interface if possible on Linux 2.6.
The code repository is:
Advantages of the new code are:
- Support for multiple bridge port groups (i.e. multiple independent
bridges in one machine).
- Each bridge is seen as a logical device, which allows you to do
firewalling between port groups for example.
- Everything is dynamic; bridges are created dynamically using the
userspace configuration tool, ports are 'enslaved' dynamically, etc.
- It is being actively maintained.
- It uses a hash table for MAC addresses, not an AVL tree.
- It's small (currently 4 pages of i386 code) and modular.
- The source isn't a mess.
- It works as a module.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please send email to
the mailing list
Files in this package:
AUTHORS Authors of this package
COPYING The GNU General Public License.
Makefile Recursive Makefile.
README This file.
brctl/ The userspace bridge configuration tool.
A .spec file for Red Hat package building. "rpm -tb
<tar.gz file>" ought to give you a .RPM file.
doc/ Some documentation files.
libbridge/ The bridge configuration interface library.
misc/ Miscellaneous utilities.