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main code
Add netlink based API?
we have a tiny deviation from IEEE 802.1d: we don't kill the awaiting-tx skb
queue when a port leaves the FORWARDING state
RH initscripts for setting up bridge interfaces automatically
bridge ID change notifications
move the spanning tree code to userspace
to be MLT (Nortel Multi Link Trunking) compatible: send bpdu's on all
interfaces in the bonding bundle
faster switch to forward mode
per-port STP disabling
'fast start': listening->learning->forwarding in 2*hello instead of 2*fd
enslaved devs same MAC (like tap), then one changes
improve documentation..
netfilter patch
sync MAC addresses DNAT/SNAT
make src mac substitution configurable
br_nf_pre_routing: ip_route_output -> output_key
check: don't send unreachables
stp state delay
kernel panic on REDIRECT on bridge device w/o IP address