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Would be nice if:
- Add address learning limiting (hard limit at a fixed # of
addresses? or maybe using rate markers?). There is a nasty DoS in
- Add fdb entry port # change limiting. For example: if one MAC
address switches port more than once in the same second, there is
something wrong (somebody trying to spoof?), so print a warning.
- Faster port state cycling; currently it takes 30 seconds for ports
to cycle to the forwarding state.
- Detect port speed and adjust path cost accordingly?
- Use MII ioctls for detecting link beat lost quickly?
- Keep the IEEE 802.1d-mandated statistics (counters, mostly).
- Maybe integrate Kristian's GNOME frontend (see PROJECTS) once it
stabilises. It looks nice.
- A cgi bridge configurer (a la Samba's SWAT, yummy....)