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From: David Connelly <>
Date: Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 3:31 AM
Subject: Solaris 10 service manifest
I've found dnsmasq much easier to set up on my home server running Solaris
10 than the stock dhcp/dns server, which is probably overkill anyway for my
simple home network needs. Since Solaris now uses SMF (Service Management
Facility) to manage services I thought I'd create a simple service manifest
for the dnsmasq service. The manifest currently assumes that dnsmasq has
been installed in '/usr/local/sbin/dnsmasq' and the configuration file in
'/usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf', so you may have to adjust these paths for
your local installation. Here are the steps I followed to install and enable
the dnsmasq service:
# svccfg import dnsmasq.xml
# svcadm enable dnsmasq
To confirm that the service is enabled and online:
# svcs -l dnsmasq
I've just started learning about SMF so if anyone has any
corrections/feedback they are more than welcome.