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This is the README for the Dnsmasq webmin module.
1) There's only basic error checking - if you enter some bad
addresses or names, they will go straight into the config file
although we do check for things like IP addresses being of
the correct form (no letters, 4 groups of up to 3 digits
separated by dots etc). One thing that ISN'T CHECKED FOR is
that IP dotted quads are all numbers < 256. Another is that
netmasks are logical (you could enter a netmask of
for example). Essentially, if it'll pass the config file
regex scanner (and the above examples will), it won't be
flagged as "bad" even if it is a big no-no for dnsmasq itself.
2) Code is ugly and a kludge - I ain't a programmer! There are probably
a lot of things that could be done to tidy up the code - eg,
it probably wouldn't hurt to move some common stuff into the lib file.
3) I've used the %text hash and written an english lang file, but
I am mono-lingual so no other language support as yet.
4) for reasons unknown to me, the icon does not appear properly
on the servers page of webmin (at least it doesn't for me!)
5) icons have been shamelessly stolen from the ipfilter module,
specifically the up and down arrows.
6) if you delete an item, the config file will contain
an otherwise empty, but commented line. This means that if
you add some new stuff, then delete it, the config file
will have a number of lines at the end that are just comments.
Therefore, the config file could possibly grow quite large.
if you use an include file, it'll be flagged as an error.
OK if the include file line is commented out though.
8) deprecated lines not supported (eg user and group) - they
may produce an error! (user and group don't, but you can't change
IOW, it works, it's just not very elegant and not very robust.
Hope you find it useful though - I do, as I prevents me having to ever
wade through the config file and man pages again.
If you modify it, or add a language file, and you have a spare moment,
please e-mail me - I won't be upset at all if you fix my poor coding!
(rather the opposite - I'd be pleased someone found it useful)
Neil Fisher <>