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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Verify HEAD against origin/master to see if anything bad has been added to
# HEAD that we would not want to roll. For example, if HEAD introduces any
# UNCHECKED_BITSTREAM_READERs, then we definitely want to fix that before
# including HEAD in Chromium.
# Usage: [new_branch]
# where |new_branch| is the branch that we'd like to compare to origin/master.
import os
import re
import sys
import subprocess
# The current good ffmpeg + config that we're diffing against.
EXISTING_COMMIT = "origin/master"
# If any of these regexes match, it indicates failure. Generally, we want to
# catch any change in how these are defined. These are checked against things
# that are added with respect to |EXISTING_COMMIT| by the commit we're checking.
# Remember that we're going to check ffmpeg files and Chromium files (e.g.,
# the build configs for each platform, ffmpeg_generated.gni, etc.).
# TODO(liberato): consider making these a dictionary, with the value as some
# descriptive text (e.g., the bug number) about why it's not allowed.
# In Chromium, all codecs should use the safe bitstream reader. Roller must
# undo any new usage of the unchecked reader.
# In Chromium, explicitly skipping some matroskadec code blocks for
# the following CONFIG variables (which should remain defined as 0) is
# necessary to remove code that may be a security risk. Discuss with cevans@
# before removing these explicit skips or enabling these variables.
# Miscellaneous tripwires.
# Filenames that will be excluded from the regex matching.
def search_regexps(text, regexps):
return [r for r in regexps if, text)]
def main(argv):
# What we're considering merging, and would like to check. Normally, this
# is HEAD, but you might want to verify some previous merge.
if len(argv) > 1:
new_commit = argv[1]
new_commit = "HEAD"
print(f"Comparing {new_commit} to baseline {EXISTING_COMMIT}...")
diff = subprocess.Popen(["git", "diff", "-U0", EXISTING_COMMIT, new_commit],
skip = False
files_encountered = 0
files_skipped = 0
failures = set()
for line in diff.splitlines():
if line.startswith("+++"):
# +++ b/filename => filename
filename = line.split("/",1)[1]
skip = False
files_encountered += 1
if search_regexps(filename, EXCLUDED_FILENAMES):
skip = True
files_skipped += 1
elif line.startswith("+") and not skip:
# |line| is an insertion into |new_commit|.
# Drop the leading "+" from the string being searched.
tripwire = search_regexps(line[1:], INSERTION_TRIPWIRES)
if tripwire:
failures.add("Tripwire '%s' found in %s" % (tripwire, filename))
# If we have failures, then print them and fail.
if failures:
for failure in failures:
print(f"Failure: {failure}")
checked = files_encountered - files_skipped
print(f"No problems found! Checked {checked}, skipped {files_skipped}.")
if __name__ == '__main__':