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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Set up everything for the roll.
import io
import os
from robo_lib.errors import UserInstructions
import subprocess
from robo_lib import shell
from robo_lib import packages
import shutil
def InstallPrereqs(robo_configuration):
"""Install prereqs needed to build ffmpeg.
robo_configuration: current RoboConfiguration.
# Check out data for ffmpeg regression tests.
media_directory = os.path.join("media", "test", "data", "internal")
if not os.path.exists(media_directory):
shell.log("Checking out media internal test data")
if robo_configuration.Call([
"git", "clone",
raise Exception("Could not check out chrome media internal test data %s" %
if robo_configuration.host_operating_system() == "linux":
raise Exception("I don't know how to install deps for host os %s" %
def EnsureASANDirWorks(robo_configuration):
"""Create the asan out dir and config for ninja builds.
robo_configuration: current RoboConfiguration.
directory_name = robo_configuration.absolute_asan_directory()
if os.path.exists(directory_name):
# Dir doesn't exist, so make it and generate the gn files. Note that we
# have no idea what state the ffmpeg config is, but that's okay. gn will
# re-build it when we run ninja later (after importing the ffmpeg config)
# if it's changed.
shell.log("Creating asan build dir %s" % directory_name)
# TODO(liberato): ffmpeg_branding Chrome vs ChromeOS. also add arch
# flags, etc. Step 28.iii, and elsewhere.
opts = ("is_debug=false", "is_clang=true", "proprietary_codecs=true",
"media_use_libvpx=true", "media_use_ffmpeg=true",
'ffmpeg_branding="Chrome"', "use_goma=true", "is_asan=true",
with open(os.path.join(directory_name, ""), "w") as f:
for opt in opts:
f.write("%s\n" % opt)
# Ask gn to generate build files.
shell.log("Running gn on %s" % directory_name)
if robo_configuration.Call(
["gn", "gen", robo_configuration.relative_asan_directory()]):
raise Exception(
"Unable to gn gen %s" % robo_configuration.local_asan_directory())
def FileRead(filename):
with, encoding='utf-8') as f:
def EnsureGClientTargets(robo_configuration):
"""Make sure that we've got the right sdks if we're on a linux host."""
if not robo_configuration.host_operating_system() == "linux":
shell.log("Not changing gclient target_os list on a non-linux host")
shell.log("Checking gclient target_os list")
gclient_filename = os.path.join(robo_configuration.chrome_src(), "..",
# Ensure that target_os include 'android' and 'win'
scope = {}
exec (FileRead(gclient_filename), scope)
except SyntaxError as e:
raise Exception("Unable to read %s" % gclient_filename)
if 'target_os' not in scope:
shell.log("Missing 'target_os', which goes at the end of .gclient,")
shell.log("OUTSIDE of the solutions = [] section")
shell.log("Example line:")
shell.log("target_os = [ 'android', 'win' ]")
raise UserInstructions("Please add target_os to %s" % gclient_filename)
if ('android' not in scope['target_os']) or ('win' not in scope['target_os']):
shell.log("Missing 'android' and/or 'win' in target_os, which goes at the")
shell.log("end of .gclient, OUTSIDE of the solutions = [] section")
shell.log("Example line:")
shell.log("target_os = [ 'android', 'win' ]")
raise UserInstructions(
"Please add 'android' and 'win' to target_os in %s" % gclient_filename)
# Sync regardless of whether we changed the config.
shell.log("Running gclient sync")
if robo_configuration.Call(["gclient", "sync"]):
raise Exception("gclient sync failed")
def FetchAdditionalWindowsBinaries(robo_configuration):
"""Download some additional binaries needed by ffmpeg. gclient sync can
sometimes remove these. Re-run this if you're missing llvm-nm or llvm-ar."""
shell.log("Downloading some additional compiler tools")
if robo_configuration.Call(["tools/clang/scripts/",
raise Exception(" --package=objdump failed")
def FetchMacSDK(robo_configuration):
"""Download the MacOSX SDK."""
shell.log("Installing Mac OSX sdk")
if robo_configuration.Call(
raise Exception("Cannot download and extract Mac SDK")
def EnsureLLVMSymlinks(robo_configuration):
"""Create some symlinks to clang and friends, since that changes their
behavior somewhat."""
shell.log("Creating symlinks to compiler tools if needed")
os.path.join(robo_configuration.chrome_src(), "third_party", "llvm-build",
"Release+Asserts", "bin"))
def EnsureSymlink(source, link_name):
if not os.path.exists(link_name):
os.symlink(source, link_name)
# For windows.
EnsureSymlink("clang", "clang-cl")
EnsureSymlink("clang", "clang++")
EnsureSymlink("lld", "ld.lld")
EnsureSymlink("lld", "lld-link")
# For mac. Only used at configure time to check if symbols are present.
EnsureSymlink("lld", "ld64.lld")
def EnsureSysroots(robo_configuration):
"""Install arm/arm64/mips/mips64 sysroots."""
for arch in ["arm", "arm64", "mips", "mips64el"]:
if robo_configuration.Call(
["build/linux/sysroot_scripts/", f"--arch={arch}"]):
raise Exception("Failed to install sysroot for " + arch)
def EnsureChromiumNasm(robo_configuration):
"""Make sure that chromium's nasm is built, so we can use it. apt-get's is
too old."""
# nasm in the LLVM bin directory that we already added to $PATH. Note that we
# put it there so that configure can find is as "nasm", rather than us having
# to give it the full path. I think the full path would affect the real
# build. That's not good.
llvm_nasm_path = os.path.join(robo_configuration.llvm_path(), "nasm")
if os.path.exists(llvm_nasm_path):
shell.log("nasm already installed in llvm bin directory")
# Make sure nasm is built, and copy it to the llvm bin directory.
chromium_nasm_path = os.path.join(
robo_configuration.absolute_asan_directory(), "nasm")
if not os.path.exists(chromium_nasm_path):
shell.log("Building Chromium's nasm")
if robo_configuration.Call([
"ninja", "-j5000", "-C",
robo_configuration.relative_asan_directory(), "third_party/nasm"
raise Exception("Failed to build nasm")
# Verify that it exists now, for sanity.
if not os.path.exists(chromium_nasm_path):
raise Exception("Failed to find nasm even after building it")
# Copy it
shell.log("Copying Chromium's nasm to llvm bin directory")
if shutil.copy(chromium_nasm_path, llvm_nasm_path):
raise Exception(
"Could not copy %s into %s" % (chromium_nasm_path, llvm_nasm_path))
def EnsureToolchains(robo_configuration):
"""Make sure that we have all the toolchains for cross-compilation"""
def EnsureUpstreamRemote(robo_configuration):
"""Make sure that the upstream remote is defined."""
remotes = shell.output_or_error(["git", "remote", "-v"]).split()
if "upstream" in remotes:
shell.log("Upstream remote found")
shell.log("Adding upstream remote")
if robo_configuration.Call([
"git", "remote", "add", "upstream", "git://"]):
raise Exception("Failed to add git remote")