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@chapter Device Options
@c man begin DEVICE OPTIONS
The libavdevice library provides the same interface as
libavformat. Namely, an input device is considered like a demuxer, and
an output device like a muxer, and the interface and generic device
options are the same provided by libavformat (see the ffmpeg-formats
In addition each input or output device may support so-called private
options, which are specific for that component.
Options may be set by specifying -@var{option} @var{value} in the
FFmpeg tools, or by setting the value explicitly in the device
@code{AVFormatContext} options or using the @file{libavutil/opt.h} API
for programmatic use.
@ifclear config-writeonly
@include indevs.texi
@end ifclear
@ifclear config-readonly
@include outdevs.texi
@end ifclear