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\input texinfo @c -*- texinfo -*-
@documentencoding UTF-8
@settitle Libavformat Documentation
@center @titlefont{Libavformat Documentation}
@end titlepage
@chapter Description
@c man begin DESCRIPTION
The libavformat library provides a generic framework for multiplexing
and demultiplexing (muxing and demuxing) audio, video and subtitle
streams. It encompasses multiple muxers and demuxers for multimedia
container formats.
It also supports several input and output protocols to access a media
@c man end DESCRIPTION
@chapter See Also
@url{ffmpeg.html,ffmpeg}, @url{ffplay.html,ffplay}, @url{ffprobe.html,ffprobe},
@url{ffmpeg-formats.html,ffmpeg-formats}, @url{ffmpeg-protocols.html,ffmpeg-protocols},
@url{libavutil.html,libavutil}, @url{libavcodec.html,libavcodec}
@end ifhtml
ffmpeg(1), ffplay(1), ffprobe(1),
ffmpeg-formats(1), ffmpeg-protocols(1),
libavutil(3), libavcodec(3)
@end ifnothtml
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@setfilename libavformat
@settitle multimedia muxing and demuxing library
@end ignore