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The following table lists most error codes found in various operating
systems supported by FFmpeg.
Code Std F LBMWwb Text (YMMV)
E2BIG POSIX ++++++ Argument list too long
EACCES POSIX ++++++ Permission denied
EADDRINUSE POSIX +++..+ Address in use
EADDRNOTAVAIL POSIX +++..+ Cannot assign requested address
EADV +..... Advertise error
EAFNOSUPPORT POSIX +++..+ Address family not supported
EAGAIN POSIX + ++++++ Resource temporarily unavailable
EALREADY POSIX +++..+ Operation already in progress
EAUTH .++... Authentication error
EBADARCH ..+... Bad CPU type in executable
EBADE +..... Invalid exchange
EBADEXEC ..+... Bad executable
EBADF POSIX ++++++ Bad file descriptor
EBADFD +..... File descriptor in bad state
EBADMACHO ..+... Malformed Macho file
EBADMSG POSIX ++4... Bad message
EBADR +..... Invalid request descriptor
EBADRPC .++... RPC struct is bad
EBADRQC +..... Invalid request code
EBADSLT +..... Invalid slot
EBFONT +..... Bad font file format
EBUSY POSIX - ++++++ Device or resource busy
ECANCELED POSIX +++... Operation canceled
ECHILD POSIX ++++++ No child processes
ECHRNG +..... Channel number out of range
ECOMM +..... Communication error on send
ECONNABORTED POSIX +++..+ Software caused connection abort
ECONNREFUSED POSIX - +++ss+ Connection refused
ECONNRESET POSIX +++..+ Connection reset
EDEADLK POSIX ++++++ Resource deadlock avoided
EDEADLOCK +..++. File locking deadlock error
EDESTADDRREQ POSIX +++... Destination address required
EDEVERR ..+... Device error
EDOM C89 - ++++++ Numerical argument out of domain
EDOOFUS .F.... Programming error
EDOTDOT +..... RFS specific error
EDQUOT POSIX +++... Disc quota exceeded
EEXIST POSIX ++++++ File exists
EFAULT POSIX - ++++++ Bad address
EFBIG POSIX - ++++++ File too large
EFTYPE .++... Inappropriate file type or format
EHOSTDOWN +++... Host is down
EHOSTUNREACH POSIX +++..+ No route to host
EHWPOISON +..... Memory page has hardware error
EIDRM POSIX +++... Identifier removed
EILSEQ C99 ++++++ Illegal byte sequence
EINPROGRESS POSIX - +++ss+ Operation in progress
EINTR POSIX - ++++++ Interrupted system call
EINVAL POSIX + ++++++ Invalid argument
EIO POSIX + ++++++ I/O error
EISCONN POSIX +++..+ Socket is already connected
EISDIR POSIX ++++++ Is a directory
EISNAM +..... Is a named type file
EKEYEXPIRED +..... Key has expired
EKEYREJECTED +..... Key was rejected by service
EKEYREVOKED +..... Key has been revoked
EL2HLT +..... Level 2 halted
EL2NSYNC +..... Level 2 not synchronized
EL3HLT +..... Level 3 halted
EL3RST +..... Level 3 reset
ELIBACC +..... Can not access a needed shared library
ELIBBAD +..... Accessing a corrupted shared library
ELIBEXEC +..... Cannot exec a shared library directly
ELIBMAX +..... Too many shared libraries
ELIBSCN +..... .lib section in a.out corrupted
ELNRNG +..... Link number out of range
ELOOP POSIX +++..+ Too many levels of symbolic links
EMEDIUMTYPE +..... Wrong medium type
EMFILE POSIX ++++++ Too many open files
EMLINK POSIX ++++++ Too many links
EMSGSIZE POSIX +++..+ Message too long
EMULTIHOP POSIX ++4... Multihop attempted
ENAMETOOLONG POSIX - ++++++ File name too long
ENAVAIL +..... No XENIX semaphores available
ENEEDAUTH .++... Need authenticator
ENETDOWN POSIX +++..+ Network is down
ENETRESET SUSv3 +++..+ Network dropped connection on reset
ENETUNREACH POSIX +++..+ Network unreachable
ENFILE POSIX ++++++ Too many open files in system
ENOANO +..... No anode
ENOATTR .++... Attribute not found
ENOBUFS POSIX - +++..+ No buffer space available
ENOCSI +..... No CSI structure available
ENODATA XSR +N4... No message available
ENODEV POSIX - ++++++ No such device
ENOENT POSIX - ++++++ No such file or directory
ENOEXEC POSIX ++++++ Exec format error
ENOFILE ...++. No such file or directory
ENOKEY +..... Required key not available
ENOLCK POSIX ++++++ No locks available
ENOLINK POSIX ++4... Link has been severed
ENOMEDIUM +..... No medium found
ENOMEM POSIX ++++++ Not enough space
ENOMSG POSIX +++..+ No message of desired type
ENONET +..... Machine is not on the network
ENOPKG +..... Package not installed
ENOPROTOOPT POSIX +++..+ Protocol not available
ENOSPC POSIX ++++++ No space left on device
ENOSR XSR +N4... No STREAM resources
ENOSYS POSIX + ++++++ Function not implemented
ENOTBLK +++... Block device required
ENOTCONN POSIX +++..+ Socket is not connected
ENOTDIR POSIX ++++++ Not a directory
ENOTEMPTY POSIX ++++++ Directory not empty
ENOTNAM +..... Not a XENIX named type file
ENOTRECOVERABLE SUSv4 - +..... State not recoverable
ENOTSOCK POSIX +++..+ Socket operation on non-socket
ENOTSUP POSIX +++... Operation not supported
ENOTTY POSIX ++++++ Inappropriate I/O control operation
ENOTUNIQ +..... Name not unique on network
ENXIO POSIX ++++++ No such device or address
EOPNOTSUPP POSIX +++..+ Operation not supported (on socket)
EOVERFLOW POSIX +++..+ Value too large to be stored in data type
EOWNERDEAD SUSv4 +..... Owner died
EPERM POSIX - ++++++ Operation not permitted
EPFNOSUPPORT +++..+ Protocol family not supported
EPIPE POSIX - ++++++ Broken pipe
EPROCLIM .++... Too many processes
EPROCUNAVAIL .++... Bad procedure for program
EPROGMISMATCH .++... Program version wrong
EPROGUNAVAIL .++... RPC prog. not avail
EPROTO POSIX ++4... Protocol error
EPROTONOSUPPORT POSIX - +++ss+ Protocol not supported
EPROTOTYPE POSIX +++..+ Protocol wrong type for socket
EPWROFF ..+... Device power is off
ERANGE C89 - ++++++ Result too large
EREMCHG +..... Remote address changed
EREMOTE +++... Object is remote
EREMOTEIO +..... Remote I/O error
ERESTART +..... Interrupted system call should be restarted
ERFKILL +..... Operation not possible due to RF-kill
EROFS POSIX ++++++ Read-only file system
ERPCMISMATCH .++... RPC version wrong
ESHLIBVERS ..+... Shared library version mismatch
ESHUTDOWN +++..+ Cannot send after socket shutdown
ESOCKTNOSUPPORT +++... Socket type not supported
ESPIPE POSIX ++++++ Illegal seek
ESRCH POSIX ++++++ No such process
ESRMNT +..... Srmount error
ESTALE POSIX +++..+ Stale NFS file handle
ESTRPIPE +..... Streams pipe error
ETIME XSR +N4... Stream ioctl timeout
ETIMEDOUT POSIX - +++ss+ Connection timed out
ETOOMANYREFS +++... Too many references: cannot splice
ETXTBSY POSIX +++... Text file busy
EUCLEAN +..... Structure needs cleaning
EUNATCH +..... Protocol driver not attached
EUSERS +++... Too many users
EWOULDBLOCK POSIX +++..+ Operation would block
EXDEV POSIX ++++++ Cross-device link
EXFULL +..... Exchange full
F: used in FFmpeg (-: a few times, +: a lot)
SUSv3: Single Unix Specification, version 3
SUSv4: Single Unix Specification, version 4
XSR: XSI STREAMS (obsolete)
OS: availability on some supported operating systems
L: GNU/Linux
B: BSD (F: FreeBSD, N: NetBSD)
M: MacOS X
W: Microsoft Windows (s: emulated with winsock, see libavformat/network.h)
w: Mingw32 (3.17) and Mingw64 (2.0.1)
b: BeOS