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\input texinfo @c -*- texinfo -*-
@documentencoding UTF-8
@settitle FFmpeg Bitstream Filters Documentation
@center @titlefont{FFmpeg Bitstream Filters Documentation}
@end titlepage
@chapter Description
@c man begin DESCRIPTION
This document describes the bitstream filters provided by the
libavcodec library.
A bitstream filter operates on the encoded stream data, and performs
bitstream level modifications without performing decoding.
@c man end DESCRIPTION
@include bitstream_filters.texi
@chapter See Also
@url{ffmpeg.html,ffmpeg}, @url{ffplay.html,ffplay}, @url{ffprobe.html,ffprobe},
@end ifhtml
ffmpeg(1), ffplay(1), ffprobe(1), libavcodec(3)
@end ifnothtml
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@setfilename ffmpeg-bitstream-filters
@settitle FFmpeg bitstream filters
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