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@center @titlefont{Libswscale Documentation}
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@chapter Description
@c man begin DESCRIPTION
The libswscale library performs highly optimized image scaling and
colorspace and pixel format conversion operations.
Specifically, this library performs the following conversions:
@emph{Rescaling}: is the process of changing the video size. Several
rescaling options and algorithms are available. This is usually a
lossy process.
@emph{Pixel format conversion}: is the process of converting the image
format and colorspace of the image, for example from planar YUV420P to
RGB24 packed. It also handles packing conversion, that is converts
from packed layout (all pixels belonging to distinct planes
interleaved in the same buffer), to planar layout (all samples
belonging to the same plane stored in a dedicated buffer or "plane").
This is usually a lossy process in case the source and destination
colorspaces differ.
@end itemize
@c man end DESCRIPTION
@chapter See Also
@url{ffmpeg.html,ffmpeg}, @url{ffplay.html,ffplay}, @url{ffprobe.html,ffprobe},
@end ifhtml
ffmpeg(1), ffplay(1), ffprobe(1),
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