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* Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Michael Niedermayer (
* This file is part of libswresample
* libswresample is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* libswresample is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with libswresample; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include "swresample.h"
#include "libavutil/channel_layout.h"
#include "config.h"
#define SWR_CH_MAX 64
#define SQRT3_2 1.22474487139158904909 /* sqrt(3/2) */
#define NS_TAPS 20
#if ARCH_X86_64
typedef int64_t integer;
typedef int integer;
typedef void (mix_1_1_func_type)(void *out, const void *in, void *coeffp, integer index, integer len);
typedef void (mix_2_1_func_type)(void *out, const void *in1, const void *in2, void *coeffp, integer index1, integer index2, integer len);
typedef void (mix_any_func_type)(uint8_t **out, const uint8_t **in1, void *coeffp, integer len);
typedef struct AudioData{
uint8_t *ch[SWR_CH_MAX]; ///< samples buffer per channel
uint8_t *data; ///< samples buffer
int ch_count; ///< number of channels
int bps; ///< bytes per sample
int count; ///< number of samples
int planar; ///< 1 if planar audio, 0 otherwise
enum AVSampleFormat fmt; ///< sample format
} AudioData;
struct DitherContext {
int method;
int noise_pos;
float scale;
float noise_scale; ///< Noise scale
int ns_taps; ///< Noise shaping dither taps
float ns_scale; ///< Noise shaping dither scale
float ns_scale_1; ///< Noise shaping dither scale^-1
int ns_pos; ///< Noise shaping dither position
float ns_coeffs[NS_TAPS]; ///< Noise shaping filter coefficients
float ns_errors[SWR_CH_MAX][2*NS_TAPS];
AudioData noise; ///< noise used for dithering
AudioData temp; ///< temporary storage when writing into the input buffer isn't possible
int output_sample_bits; ///< the number of used output bits, needed to scale dither correctly
typedef struct ResampleContext * (* resample_init_func)(struct ResampleContext *c, int out_rate, int in_rate, int filter_size, int phase_shift, int linear,
double cutoff, enum AVSampleFormat format, enum SwrFilterType filter_type, double kaiser_beta, double precision, int cheby, int exact_rational);
typedef void (* resample_free_func)(struct ResampleContext **c);
typedef int (* multiple_resample_func)(struct ResampleContext *c, AudioData *dst, int dst_size, AudioData *src, int src_size, int *consumed);
typedef int (* resample_flush_func)(struct SwrContext *c);
typedef int (* set_compensation_func)(struct ResampleContext *c, int sample_delta, int compensation_distance);
typedef int64_t (* get_delay_func)(struct SwrContext *s, int64_t base);
typedef int (* invert_initial_buffer_func)(struct ResampleContext *c, AudioData *dst, const AudioData *src, int src_size, int *dst_idx, int *dst_count);
typedef int64_t (* get_out_samples_func)(struct SwrContext *s, int in_samples);
struct Resampler {
resample_init_func init;
resample_free_func free;
multiple_resample_func multiple_resample;
resample_flush_func flush;
set_compensation_func set_compensation;
get_delay_func get_delay;
invert_initial_buffer_func invert_initial_buffer;
get_out_samples_func get_out_samples;
extern struct Resampler const swri_resampler;
extern struct Resampler const swri_soxr_resampler;
struct SwrContext {
const AVClass *av_class; ///< AVClass used for AVOption and av_log()
int log_level_offset; ///< logging level offset
void *log_ctx; ///< parent logging context
enum AVSampleFormat in_sample_fmt; ///< input sample format
enum AVSampleFormat int_sample_fmt; ///< internal sample format (AV_SAMPLE_FMT_FLTP or AV_SAMPLE_FMT_S16P)
enum AVSampleFormat out_sample_fmt; ///< output sample format
int64_t in_ch_layout; ///< input channel layout
int64_t out_ch_layout; ///< output channel layout
int in_sample_rate; ///< input sample rate
int out_sample_rate; ///< output sample rate
int flags; ///< miscellaneous flags such as SWR_FLAG_RESAMPLE
float slev; ///< surround mixing level
float clev; ///< center mixing level
float lfe_mix_level; ///< LFE mixing level
float rematrix_volume; ///< rematrixing volume coefficient
float rematrix_maxval; ///< maximum value for rematrixing output
int matrix_encoding; /**< matrixed stereo encoding */
const int *channel_map; ///< channel index (or -1 if muted channel) map
int used_ch_count; ///< number of used input channels (mapped channel count if channel_map, otherwise in.ch_count)
int engine;
int user_in_ch_count; ///< User set input channel count
int user_out_ch_count; ///< User set output channel count
int user_used_ch_count; ///< User set used channel count
int64_t user_in_ch_layout; ///< User set input channel layout
int64_t user_out_ch_layout; ///< User set output channel layout
enum AVSampleFormat user_int_sample_fmt; ///< User set internal sample format
int user_dither_method; ///< User set dither method
struct DitherContext dither;
int filter_size; /**< length of each FIR filter in the resampling filterbank relative to the cutoff frequency */
int phase_shift; /**< log2 of the number of entries in the resampling polyphase filterbank */
int linear_interp; /**< if 1 then the resampling FIR filter will be linearly interpolated */
int exact_rational; /**< if 1 then enable non power of 2 phase_count */
double cutoff; /**< resampling cutoff frequency (swr: 6dB point; soxr: 0dB point). 1.0 corresponds to half the output sample rate */
int filter_type; /**< swr resampling filter type */
double kaiser_beta; /**< swr beta value for Kaiser window (only applicable if filter_type == AV_FILTER_TYPE_KAISER) */
double precision; /**< soxr resampling precision (in bits) */
int cheby; /**< soxr: if 1 then passband rolloff will be none (Chebyshev) & irrational ratio approximation precision will be higher */
float min_compensation; ///< swr minimum below which no compensation will happen
float min_hard_compensation; ///< swr minimum below which no silence inject / sample drop will happen
float soft_compensation_duration; ///< swr duration over which soft compensation is applied
float max_soft_compensation; ///< swr maximum soft compensation in seconds over soft_compensation_duration
float async; ///< swr simple 1 parameter async, similar to ffmpegs -async
int64_t firstpts_in_samples; ///< swr first pts in samples
int resample_first; ///< 1 if resampling must come first, 0 if rematrixing
int rematrix; ///< flag to indicate if rematrixing is needed (basically if input and output layouts mismatch)
int rematrix_custom; ///< flag to indicate that a custom matrix has been defined
AudioData in; ///< input audio data
AudioData postin; ///< post-input audio data: used for rematrix/resample
AudioData midbuf; ///< intermediate audio data (postin/preout)
AudioData preout; ///< pre-output audio data: used for rematrix/resample
AudioData out; ///< converted output audio data
AudioData in_buffer; ///< cached audio data (convert and resample purpose)
AudioData silence; ///< temporary with silence
AudioData drop_temp; ///< temporary used to discard output
int in_buffer_index; ///< cached buffer position
int in_buffer_count; ///< cached buffer length
int resample_in_constraint; ///< 1 if the input end was reach before the output end, 0 otherwise
int flushed; ///< 1 if data is to be flushed and no further input is expected
int64_t outpts; ///< output PTS
int64_t firstpts; ///< first PTS
int drop_output; ///< number of output samples to drop
double delayed_samples_fixup; ///< soxr 0.1.1: needed to fixup delayed_samples after flush has been called.
struct AudioConvert *in_convert; ///< input conversion context
struct AudioConvert *out_convert; ///< output conversion context
struct AudioConvert *full_convert; ///< full conversion context (single conversion for input and output)
struct ResampleContext *resample; ///< resampling context
struct Resampler const *resampler; ///< resampler virtual function table
double matrix[SWR_CH_MAX][SWR_CH_MAX]; ///< floating point rematrixing coefficients
float matrix_flt[SWR_CH_MAX][SWR_CH_MAX]; ///< single precision floating point rematrixing coefficients
uint8_t *native_matrix;
uint8_t *native_one;
uint8_t *native_simd_one;
uint8_t *native_simd_matrix;
int32_t matrix32[SWR_CH_MAX][SWR_CH_MAX]; ///< 17.15 fixed point rematrixing coefficients
uint8_t matrix_ch[SWR_CH_MAX][SWR_CH_MAX+1]; ///< Lists of input channels per output channel that have non zero rematrixing coefficients
mix_1_1_func_type *mix_1_1_f;
mix_1_1_func_type *mix_1_1_simd;
mix_2_1_func_type *mix_2_1_f;
mix_2_1_func_type *mix_2_1_simd;
mix_any_func_type *mix_any_f;
/* TODO: callbacks for ASM optimizations */
int swri_realloc_audio(AudioData *a, int count);
void swri_noise_shaping_int16 (SwrContext *s, AudioData *dsts, const AudioData *srcs, const AudioData *noises, int count);
void swri_noise_shaping_int32 (SwrContext *s, AudioData *dsts, const AudioData *srcs, const AudioData *noises, int count);
void swri_noise_shaping_float (SwrContext *s, AudioData *dsts, const AudioData *srcs, const AudioData *noises, int count);
void swri_noise_shaping_double(SwrContext *s, AudioData *dsts, const AudioData *srcs, const AudioData *noises, int count);
int swri_rematrix_init(SwrContext *s);
void swri_rematrix_free(SwrContext *s);
int swri_rematrix(SwrContext *s, AudioData *out, AudioData *in, int len, int mustcopy);
int swri_rematrix_init_x86(struct SwrContext *s);
int swri_get_dither(SwrContext *s, void *dst, int len, unsigned seed, enum AVSampleFormat noise_fmt);
int swri_dither_init(SwrContext *s, enum AVSampleFormat out_fmt, enum AVSampleFormat in_fmt);
void swri_audio_convert_init_aarch64(struct AudioConvert *ac,
enum AVSampleFormat out_fmt,
enum AVSampleFormat in_fmt,
int channels);
void swri_audio_convert_init_arm(struct AudioConvert *ac,
enum AVSampleFormat out_fmt,
enum AVSampleFormat in_fmt,
int channels);
void swri_audio_convert_init_x86(struct AudioConvert *ac,
enum AVSampleFormat out_fmt,
enum AVSampleFormat in_fmt,
int channels);