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# Only build man pages if configure found the HELP2MAN tool
man_MANS = \
lou_allround.1 \
lou_checkhyphens.1 \
lou_checktable.1 \
lou_debug.1 \
lou_translate.1 \
lou_trace.1 \
lou_checkyaml.1 \
# The man pages depend on the --help strings and the version number.
common_mandeps = $(top_srcdir)/
# We are not distributing the man pages otherwise we would need rules
# such as below. The user will have to install help2man if they want
# man pages.
# lou_allround.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_allround.c $(common_mandeps)
# cd ../liblouis && $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS)
# cd ../gnulib && $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS)
# cd ../tools && $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) lou_allround$(EXEEXT)
# $(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_allround$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) --output=$@
# Depend on the source, not the binary; we don't need to regenerate the
# binary when any source file changes, only the main one.
lou_allround.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_allround.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_allround$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="Test every capability of the liblouis library" \
lou_checkhyphens.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_checkhyphens.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_checkhyphens$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="Check the accuracy of hyphenation in liblouis Braille translation tables" \
lou_checktable.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_checktable.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_checktable$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="Test a liblouis Braille translation table" \
lou_debug.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_debug.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_debug$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="A debugger for liblouis Braille translation tables" \
lou_translate.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_translate.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_translate$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="A Braille translator for large scale testing of liblouis Braille translation tables" \
lou_trace.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_trace.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_trace$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="A tool to list all the rules that were used for a Braille translation" \
lou_checkyaml.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_checkyaml.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_checkyaml$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="A tool to check Braille tests defined in a YAML file" \
lou_tableinfo.1: $(top_srcdir)/tools/lou_tableinfo.c $(common_mandeps)
$(HELP2MAN) ../tools/lou_tableinfo$(EXEEXT) --info-page=$(PACKAGE) \
--name="A tool to query meta data from a liblouis Braille translation table" \