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* Copyright (C) 2012 Red Hat, Inc.
* This file is part of LVM2.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _LVM_METAD_H
#define _LVM_METAD_H
#include "config-util.h"
struct volume_group;
struct cmd_context;
struct dm_config_tree;
enum activation_change;
typedef int (*activation_handler) (struct cmd_context *cmd,
const char *vgname, const char *vgid,
int partial, int changed,
enum activation_change activate);
* lvmetad_connect: connect to lvmetad
* lvmetad_disconnect: disconnect from lvmetad
* lvmetad_make_unused: disconnect from lvmetad and refresh cmd filter
* lvmetad_used: check if lvmetad is being used (i.e. is connected)
int lvmetad_connect(struct cmd_context *cmd);
void lvmetad_disconnect(void);
void lvmetad_make_unused(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int lvmetad_used(void);
* Configure the socket that lvmetad_init will use to connect to the daemon.
void lvmetad_set_socket(const char *);
* Check if lvmetad socket is present (either the one set by lvmetad_set_socket
* or the default one if not set).
int lvmetad_socket_present(void);
* Check if lvmetad pidfile is present, indicating that the lvmetad
* process is running or not.
int lvmetad_pidfile_present(void);
* Set the "lvmetad validity token" (currently only consists of the lvmetad
* filter. See lvm.conf.
void lvmetad_set_token(const struct dm_config_value *filter);
* Release allocated token.
void lvmetad_release_token(void);
// FIXME What's described here doesn't appear to be implemented yet.
* Send a new version of VG metadata to lvmetad. This is normally called after
* vg_write but before vg_commit. After vg_commit, lvmetad_vg_commit is called
* to seal the transaction. The result of lvmetad_vg_update is that the new
* metadata is stored tentatively in lvmetad, but it is not used until
* lvmetad_vg_commit. The request is validated immediately and lvmetad_vg_commit
* only constitutes a pointer update.
int lvmetad_vg_update_pending(struct volume_group *vg);
int lvmetad_vg_update_finish(struct volume_group *vg);
* Inform lvmetad that a VG has been removed. This is not entirely safe, but is
* only needed during vgremove, which does not wipe PV labels and therefore
* cannot mark the PVs as gone.
int lvmetad_vg_remove_pending(struct volume_group *vg);
int lvmetad_vg_remove_finish(struct volume_group *vg);
* Notify lvmetad that a PV has been found. It is not an error if the PV is
* already marked as present in lvmetad. If a non-NULL vg pointer is supplied,
* it is taken to represent the metadata read from the MDA(s) present on that
* PV. It *is* an error if: the VG is already known to lvmetad, the sequence
* number on the cached and on the discovered PV match but the metadata content
* does not.
int lvmetad_pv_found(struct cmd_context *cmd, const struct id *pvid, struct device *dev,
const struct format_type *fmt, uint64_t label_sector,
struct volume_group *vg,
struct dm_list *found_vgnames,
struct dm_list *changed_vgnames);
* Inform the daemon that the device no longer exists.
int lvmetad_pv_gone(dev_t devno, const char *pv_name);
int lvmetad_pv_gone_by_dev(struct device *dev);
* Request a list of all PVs available to lvmetad. If requested, this will also
* read labels off all the PVs to populate lvmcache.
int lvmetad_pv_list_to_lvmcache(struct cmd_context *cmd);
* Lookup an individual PV.
* If found is not NULL, it is set according to whether or not the PV is found,
* otherwise if the PV is not found an error is returned.
int lvmetad_pv_lookup(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct id pvid, int *found);
int lvmetad_pv_lookup_by_dev(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct device *dev, int *found);
* Request a list of all VGs available to lvmetad and use it to fill in
* lvmcache..
int lvmetad_vg_list_to_lvmcache(struct cmd_context *cmd);
* Request a list of vgid/vgname pairs for all VGs known to lvmetad.
* Does not do vg_lookup's on each VG, and does not populate lvmcache.
int lvmetad_get_vgnameids(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct dm_list *vgnameids);
* Find a VG by its ID or its name in the lvmetad cache. Gives NULL if the VG is
* not found.
struct volume_group *lvmetad_vg_lookup(struct cmd_context *cmd,
const char *vgname, const char *vgid);
* Scan a single device and update lvmetad with the result(s).
int lvmetad_pvscan_single(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct device *dev,
struct dm_list *found_vgnames,
struct dm_list *changed_vgnames);
int lvmetad_pvscan_all_devs(struct cmd_context *cmd, int do_wait);
int lvmetad_vg_clear_outdated_pvs(struct volume_group *vg);
void lvmetad_validate_global_cache(struct cmd_context *cmd, int force);
int lvmetad_token_matches(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int lvmetad_vg_is_foreign(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *vgname, const char *vgid);
int lvmetad_is_disabled(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char **reason);
void lvmetad_set_disabled(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *reason);
void lvmetad_clear_disabled(struct cmd_context *cmd);
# else /* LVMETAD_SUPPORT */
# define lvmetad_disconnect() do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_connect(cmd) (0)
# define lvmetad_make_unused(cmd) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_used() (0)
# define lvmetad_set_socket(a) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_socket_present() (0)
# define lvmetad_pidfile_present() (0)
# define lvmetad_set_token(a) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_release_token() do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_vg_update(vg) (1)
# define lvmetad_vg_update_pending(vg) (1)
# define lvmetad_vg_update_finish(vg) (1)
# define lvmetad_vg_remove_pending(vg) (1)
# define lvmetad_vg_remove_finish(vg) (1)
# define lvmetad_pv_found(cmd, pvid, dev, fmt, label_sector, vg, found_vgnames, changed_vgnames) (1)
# define lvmetad_pv_gone(devno, pv_name) (1)
# define lvmetad_pv_gone_by_dev(dev) (1)
# define lvmetad_pv_list_to_lvmcache(cmd) (1)
# define lvmetad_pv_lookup(cmd, pvid, found) (0)
# define lvmetad_pv_lookup_by_dev(cmd, dev, found) (0)
# define lvmetad_vg_list_to_lvmcache(cmd) (1)
# define lvmetad_get_vgnameids(cmd, vgnameids) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_vg_lookup(cmd, vgname, vgid) (NULL)
# define lvmetad_pvscan_single(cmd, dev, found_vgnames, changed_vgnames) (0)
# define lvmetad_pvscan_all_devs(cmd, do_wait) (0)
# define lvmetad_vg_clear_outdated_pvs(vg) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_validate_global_cache(cmd, force) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_vg_is_foreign(cmd, vgname, vgid) (0)
# define lvmetad_token_matches(cmd) (1)
# define lvmetad_is_disabled(cmd, reason) (0)
# define lvmetad_set_disabled(cmd, reason) do { } while (0)
# define lvmetad_clear_disabled(cmd) do { } while (0)
# endif /* LVMETAD_SUPPORT */