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# Copyright (C) 2008 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
# This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
# modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
# of the GNU General Public License v.2.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
# Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
test_description='Test pvcreate option values'
# MDA_SIZE_MIN defined in lib/format_text/layout.h
. lib/inittest
aux prepare_devs 4
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects negative setphysicalvolumesize'
not pvcreate --setphysicalvolumesize -1024 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects negative metadatasize'
not pvcreate --metadatasize -1024 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects metadatasize that is less than minimum size'
not pvcreate --dataalignment $((${MDA_SIZE_MIN}/2))b --metadatasize $((${MDA_SIZE_MIN}/2))b "$dev1" 2>err
grep "Metadata area size too small" err
#COMM 'pvcreate accepts metadatasize that is at least the minimum size'
pvcreate --dataalignment ${MDA_SIZE_MIN}b --metadatasize ${MDA_SIZE_MIN}b "$dev1"
# x. metadatasize 0, defaults to 255
# FIXME: unable to check default value, not in reporting cmds
# should default to 255 according to code
# check pv_field pv_mda_size 255
#COMM 'pvcreate accepts metadatasize 0'
pvcreate --metadatasize 0 "$dev1"
pvremove "$dev1"
#Verify vg_mda_size is smaller pv_mda_size
pvcreate --metadatasize 512k "$dev1"
pvcreate --metadatasize 96k "$dev2"
vgcreate $vg "$dev1" "$dev2"
pvs -o +pv_mda_size
check compare_fields vgs $vg vg_mda_size pvs "$dev2" pv_mda_size
vgremove $vg
# x. metadatasize too large
# For some reason we allow this, even though there's no room for data?
##COMM 'pvcreate rejects metadatasize too large'
#not pvcreate --metadatasize 100000000000000 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects metadatacopies < 0'
not pvcreate --metadatacopies -1 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate accepts metadatacopies = 0, 1, 2'
for j in metadatacopies pvmetadatacopies
pvcreate --$j 0 "$dev1"
pvcreate --$j 1 "$dev2"
pvcreate --$j 2 "$dev3"
check pv_field "$dev1" pv_mda_count 0
check pv_field "$dev2" pv_mda_count 1
check pv_field "$dev3" pv_mda_count 2
pvremove "$dev1" "$dev2" "$dev3"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects metadatacopies > 2'
not pvcreate --metadatacopies 3 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects invalid device'
not pvcreate "$dev1"bogus
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects labelsector < 0'
not pvcreate --labelsector -1 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate rejects labelsector > 1000000000000'
not pvcreate --labelsector 1000000000000 "$dev1"
# other possibilites based on code inspection (not sure how hard)
# x. device too small (min of 512 * 1024 KB)
# x. device filtered out
# x. unable to open /dev/urandom RDONLY
# x. device too large (pe_count > UINT32_MAX)
# x. device read-only
# x. unable to open device readonly
# x. BLKGETSIZE64 fails
# x. set size to value inconsistent with device / PE size
#COMM 'pvcreate basic dataalignment sanity checks'
not pvcreate --dataalignment -1 "$dev1"
not pvcreate --dataalignment 1e "$dev1"
if test -n "$LVM_TEST_LVM1" ; then
not pvcreate -M1 --dataalignment 1 "$dev1"
#COMM 'pvcreate always rounded up to page size for start of device'
#pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 --dataalignment 1 "$dev1"
# amuse shell experts
#check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start $(($(getconf PAGESIZE)/1024))".00k"
#COMM 'pvcreate sets data offset directly'
pvcreate --dataalignment 512k "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start "512.00k"
#COMM 'vgcreate/vgremove do not modify data offset of existing PV'
vgcreate $vg "$dev1" --config 'devices { data_alignment = 1024 }'
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start "512.00k"
vgremove $vg --config 'devices { data_alignment = 1024 }'
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start "512.00k"
#COMM 'pvcreate sets data offset next to mda area'
pvcreate --metadatasize 100k --dataalignment 100k "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start "200.00k"
# metadata area start is aligned according to pagesize
case "$PAGESIZE" in
65536) pv_align="192.50k" ;;
8192) pv_align="136.50k" ;;
*) pv_align="133.00k" ;;
pvcreate --metadatasize 128k --dataalignment 3.5k "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start $pv_align
pvcreate --metadatasize 128k --metadatacopies 2 --dataalignment 3.5k "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start $pv_align
# data area is aligned to 1M by default,
# data area start is shifted by the specified alignment_offset
pv_align=1052160B # 1048576 + (7*512)
pvcreate --metadatasize 128k --dataalignmentoffset 7s "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start $pv_align --units b
# 2nd metadata area is created without problems when
# data area start is shifted by the specified alignment_offset
pvcreate --metadatasize 128k --metadatacopies 2 --dataalignmentoffset 7s "$dev1"
check pv_field "$dev1" pv_mda_count 2
# FIXME: compare start of 2nd mda with and without --dataalignmentoffset
#COMM 'pv with LVM1 compatible data alignment can be convereted'
#compatible == LVM1_PE_ALIGN == 64k
if test -n "$LVM_TEST_LVM1" ; then
pvcreate --dataalignment 256k "$dev1"
vgcreate -s 1m $vg "$dev1"
vgconvert -M1 $vg
vgconvert -M2 $vg
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start 256.00k
vgremove $vg
#COMM 'pv with LVM1 incompatible data alignment cannot be convereted'
if test -n "$LVM_TEST_LVM1" ; then
pvcreate --dataalignment 10k "$dev1"
vgcreate -s 1m $vg "$dev1"
not vgconvert -M1 $vg
vgremove $vg
#COMM 'vgcfgrestore allows pe_start=0'
#basically it produces nonsense, but it tests vgcfgrestore,
#not that final cfg is usable...
pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 "$dev1"
pvcreate "$dev2"
vgcreate $vg "$dev1" "$dev2"
vgcfgbackup -f backup.$$ $vg
sed 's/pe_start = [0-9]*/pe_start = 0/' backup.$$ > backup.$$1
vgcfgrestore -f backup.$$1 $vg
check pv_field "$dev1" pe_start "0"
check pv_field "$dev2" pe_start "0"
vgremove $vg
echo "test pvcreate --metadataignore"
for pv_in_vg in 1 0; do
for mdacp in 1 2; do
for ignore in y n; do
echo "pvcreate --metadataignore has proper mda_count and mda_used_count"
pvcreate --metadatacopies $mdacp --metadataignore $ignore "$dev1" "$dev2"
check pv_field "$dev1" pv_mda_count "$mdacp"
check pv_field "$dev2" pv_mda_count "$mdacp"
if [ $ignore = y ]; then
check pv_field "$dev1" pv_mda_used_count "0"
check pv_field "$dev2" pv_mda_used_count "0"
check pv_field "$dev1" pv_mda_used_count "$mdacp"
check pv_field "$dev2" pv_mda_used_count "$mdacp"
echo "vgcreate has proper vg_mda_count and vg_mda_used_count"
if [ $pv_in_vg = 1 ]; then
vgcreate $vg "$dev1" "$dev2"
check vg_field $vg vg_mda_count "$(($mdacp * 2))"
if [ $ignore = y ]; then
check vg_field $vg vg_mda_used_count "1"
check vg_field $vg vg_mda_used_count "$(($mdacp * 2))"
check vg_field $vg vg_mda_copies "unmanaged"
vgremove $vg