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* Texas Instruments OMAP
OMAP is currently using a static file per SoC family to describe the
IPs present in the SoC.
On top of that an omap_device is created to extend the platform_device
capabilities and to allow binding with one or several hwmods.
The hwmods will contain all the information to build the device:
address range, irq lines, dma lines, interconnect, PRCM register,
clock domain, input clocks.
For the moment just point to the existing hwmod, the next step will be
to move data from hwmod to device-tree representation.
Required properties:
- compatible: Every devices present in OMAP SoC should be in the
form: "ti,XXX"
- ti,hwmods: list of hwmod names (ascii strings), that comes from the OMAP
HW documentation, attached to a device. Must contain at least
one hwmod.
Optional properties:
- ti,no_idle_on_suspend: When present, it prevents the PM to idle the module
during suspend.
spinlock@1 {
compatible = "ti,omap4-spinlock";
ti,hwmods = "spinlock";
- OMAP3 BeagleBoard : Low cost community board
compatible = "ti,omap3-beagle", "ti,omap3"
- OMAP3 Tobi with Overo : Commercial expansion board with daughter board
compatible = "ti,omap3-tobi", "ti,omap3-overo", "ti,omap3"
- OMAP4 SDP : Software Developement Board
compatible = "ti,omap4-sdp", "ti,omap4430"
- OMAP4 PandaBoard : Low cost community board
compatible = "ti,omap4-panda", "ti,omap4430"
- OMAP3 EVM : Software Developement Board for OMAP35x, AM/DM37x
compatible = "ti,omap3-evm", "ti,omap3"
- AM335X EVM : Software Developement Board for AM335x
compatible = "ti,am335x-evm", "ti,am33xx", "ti,omap3"
- AM335X Bone : Low cost community board
compatible = "ti,am335x-bone", "ti,am33xx", "ti,omap3"
- OMAP5 EVM : Evaluation Module
compatible = "ti,omap5-evm", "ti,omap5"