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Kernel driver i2c-taos-evm
Author: Jean Delvare <>
This is a driver for the evaluation modules for TAOS I2C/SMBus chips.
The modules include an SMBus master with limited capabilities, which can
be controlled over the serial port. Virtually all evaluation modules
are supported, but a few lines of code need to be added for each new
module to instantiate the right I2C chip on the bus. Obviously, a driver
for the chip in question is also needed.
Currently supported devices are:
For additional information on TAOS products, please see
Using this driver
In order to use this driver, you'll need the serport driver, and the
inputattach tool, which is part of the input-utils package. The following
commands will tell the kernel that you have a TAOS EVM on the first
serial port:
# modprobe serport
# inputattach --taos-evm /dev/ttyS0
Technical details
Only 4 SMBus transaction types are supported by the TAOS evaluation
* Receive Byte
* Send Byte
* Read Byte
* Write Byte
The communication protocol is text-based and pretty simple. It is
described in a PDF document on the CD which comes with the evaluation
module. The communication is rather slow, because the serial port has
to operate at 1200 bps. However, I don't think this is a big concern in
practice, as these modules are meant for evaluation and testing only.