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# These templates have been reviewed by the debian-l10n-english
# team
# If modifications/additions/rewording are needed, please ask
# for an advice to
# Even minor modifications require translation updates and such
# changes should be coordinated with translators and reviewers.
Template: watchdog/run
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Start watchdog at boot time?
Please specify whether watchdog should be started as part of the boot
process. This can be changed later by editing /etc/default/watchdog.
Template: watchdog/restart
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Restart watchdog on upgrades?
If the kernel is configured with the CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT option
(which is not the default setting), restarting watchdog will cause a
spurious reboot (the kernel will assume that the watchdog daemon
Template: watchdog/module
Type: string
Default: none
_Description: Watchdog module to preload:
Please choose which watchdog module should be preloaded before
starting watchdog. The 'softdog' module should be suited for all
installations. Enter 'none' if you don't want the script to load
a module.