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\begin{Name}{3}{unw\_init\_remote}{David Mosberger-Tang}{Programming Library}{unw\_init\_remote}unw\_init\_remote -- initialize cursor for remote unwinding
\File{\#include $<$libunwind.h$>$}\\
\Type{int} \Func{unw\_init\_remote}(\Type{unw\_cursor\_t~*}\Var{c}, \Type{unw\_addr\_space\_t~}\Var{as}, \Type{void~*}\Var{arg});\\
The \Func{unw\_init\_remote}() routine initializes the unwind cursor
pointed to by \Var{c} for unwinding in the address space identified by
\Var{as}. The \Var{as} argument can either be set to
\Var{unw\_local\_addr\_space} (local address space) or to an arbitrary
address space created with \Func{unw\_create\_addr\_space}().
The \Var{arg} void-pointer tells the address space exactly what entity
should be unwound. For example, if \Var{unw\_local\_addr\_space} is
passed in \Var{as}, then \Var{arg} needs to be a pointer to a context
structure containing the machine-state of the initial stack frame.
However, other address-spaces may instead expect a process-id, a
thread-id, or a pointer to an arbitrary structure which identifies the
stack-frame chain to be unwound. In other words, the interpretation
of \Var{arg} is entirely dependent on the address-space in use;
\Prog{libunwind} never interprets the argument in any way on its own.
Note that \Func{unw\_init\_remote}() can be used to initiate unwinding
in \emph{any} process, including the local process in which the
unwinder itself is running. However, for local unwinding, it is
generally preferable to use \Func{unw\_init\_local}() instead, because
it is easier to use and because it may perform better.
\section{Return Value}
On successful completion, \Func{unw\_init\_remote}() returns 0.
Otherwise the negative value of one of the error-codes below is
\section{Thread and Signal Safety}
\Func{unw\_init\_remote}() is thread-safe. If the local address-space
is passed in argument \Var{as}, this routine is also safe to use from
a signal handler.
\item[\Const{UNW\_EINVAL}] \Func{unw\_init\_remote}() was called in a
version of \Prog{libunwind} which supports local unwinding only
(this normally happens when defining \Const{UNW\_LOCAL\_ONLY} before
including \File{$<$libunwind.h$>$} and then calling
\item[\Const{UNW\_EUNSPEC}] An unspecified error occurred.
\item[\Const{UNW\_EBADREG}] A register needed by \Func{unw\_init\_remote}()
wasn't accessible.
\section{See Also}
\SeeAlso{libunwind(3)}, \SeeAlso{unw\_create\_addr\_space(3)},
David Mosberger-Tang\\
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