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* Copyright (c) 2014 Janne Grunau <>
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include "libavutil/aarch64/asm.S"
#define FRAC_BITS 23 // fractional bits for sb_samples and dct
#define WFRAC_BITS 16 // fractional bits for window
const tbl_rev128.s, align=4
.byte 12, 13, 14, 15
.byte 8, 9, 10, 11
.byte 4, 5, 6, 7
.byte 0, 1, 2, 3
.macro apply_window type, st
function ff_mpadsp_apply_window_\type\()_neon, export=1
mov x7, x0
sxtw x4, w4 // incr
add x8, x0, #512<<2
ld1 {v0.4s,v1.4s,v2.4s,v3.4s}, [x7], #64
ld1 {v4.4s,v5.4s,v6.4s,v7.4s}, [x7], #64
st1 {v0.4s,v1.4s,v2.4s,v3.4s}, [x8], #64
st1 {v4.4s,v5.4s,v6.4s,v7.4s}, [x8], #64
movrel x15, tbl_rev128.s
ld1 {v27.4s}, [x15]
.ifc \type, fixed
lsl x4, x4, #1
lsl x4, x4, #2
add x10, x0, #45<<2
add x0, x0, #16<<2
add x1, x1, #16<<2
add x5, x3, x4, lsl #5
sub x5, x5, x4 // samples2
neg x13, x4 // -incr
mov x9, #64<<2
.ifc \type, fixed
ld1r {v16.2s}, [x2] // dither_state
sxtl v16.2d, v16.2s
movi v29.2d, #0
movi v30.2d, #(1<<OUT_SHIFT)-1
trn1 v31.2d, v29.2d, v30.2d
trn2 v30.2d, v30.2d, v29.2d
trn1 v16.2d, v16.2d, v29.2d
movi v16.4s, #0
movi v28.4s, #0
mov x14, #4
mov x8, x0
sub x7, x1, #3<<2
sub x6, x1, x14, lsl #4
add x7, x7, x14, lsl #4
add x11, x6, #(32)<<2 // w + 32
add x12, x7, #(32)<<2 // w2 + 32
mov x15, #8
movi v17.2d, #0
movi v18.2d, #0
movi v19.2d, #0
subs x15, x15, #1
ld1 {v0.4s}, [x8], x9
ld1 {v1.4s}, [x10], x9
ld1 {v2.4s}, [x6], x9
ld1 {v3.4s}, [x7], x9
tbl v6.16b, {v0.16b}, v27.16b
tbl v7.16b, {v1.16b}, v27.16b
ld1 {v4.4s}, [x11], x9
ld1 {v5.4s}, [x12], x9
MLA v16, v2, v0
MLA2 v17, v2, v0
MLS v18, v3, v6
MLS2 v19, v3, v6
MLS v16, v4, v7
MLS2 v17, v4, v7
MLS v18, v5, v1
MLS2 v19, v5, v1 2b
cmp x14, #4
sub x10, x10, #64<<5 // 64 * 8 * sizeof(int32_t)
.ifc \type, fixed
and v28.16b, v16.16b, v30.16b
ext v28.16b, v29.16b, v28.16b, #8
b.eq 4f
round_sample v19, 1, 1
round_sample v16, 1, 0
shrn v16.2s, v16.2d, #OUT_SHIFT
round_sample v19, 0, 0
shrn v19.2s, v19.2d, #OUT_SHIFT
round_sample v17, 0, 1
round_sample v18, 1, 1
round_sample v17, 1, 0
shrn2 v16.4s, v17.2d, #OUT_SHIFT
round_sample v18, 0, 0
shrn2 v19.4s, v18.2d, #OUT_SHIFT
sqxtn v16.4h, v16.4s
sqxtn v18.4h, v19.4s
ext v18.16b, v18.16b, v18.16b, #8
st1 {v16.\st\()}[0], [x3], x4
b.eq 4f
st1 {v18.\st\()}[1], [x5], x13
st1 {v16.\st\()}[1], [x3], x4
st1 {v18.\st\()}[0], [x5], x13
st1 {v16.\st\()}[2], [x3], x4
st1 {v18.\st\()}[3], [x5], x13
st1 {v16.\st\()}[3], [x3], x4
st1 {v18.\st\()}[2], [x5], x13
mov v16.16b, v28.16b
subs x14, x14, #1
add x0, x0, #4<<2
sub x10, x10, #4<<2 1b
// comuting samples[16]
add x6, x1, #32<<2
ld1 {v0.2s}, [x6], x9
ld1 {v1.2s}, [x0], x9
.rept 3
ld1 {v2.2s}, [x6], x9
ld1 {v3.2s}, [x0], x9
MLS v16, v0, v1
ld1 {v0.2s}, [x6], x9
ld1 {v1.2s}, [x0], x9
MLS v16, v2, v3
ld1 {v2.2s}, [x6], x9
ld1 {v3.2s}, [x0], x9
MLS v16, v0, v1
MLS v16, v2, v3
.ifc \type, fixed
and v28.16b, v16.16b, v30.16b
shrn v20.2s, v16.2d, #OUT_SHIFT
xtn v28.2s, v28.2d
sqxtn v20.4h, v20.4s
st1 {v28.s}[0], [x2] // save dither_state
st1 {v20.h}[0], [x3]
st1 {v16.s}[0], [x3]
.purgem round_sample
.purgem MLA
.purgem MLA2
.purgem MLS
.purgem MLS2
.macro round_sample r, idx, next
add \r\().2d, \r\().2d, v28.2d
.if \idx == 0
and v28.16b, \r\().16b, v30.16b
.else // \idx == 1
and v28.16b, \r\().16b, v31.16b
.if \idx != \next
.if \next == 0
ext v28.16b, v28.16b, v29.16b, #8
ext v28.16b, v29.16b, v28.16b, #8
.macro MLA d, s1, s2
smlal \d\().2d, \s1\().2s, \s2\().2s
.macro MLA2 d, s1, s2
smlal2 \d\().2d, \s1\().4s, \s2\().4s
.macro MLS d, s1, s2
smlsl \d\().2d, \s1\().2s, \s2\().2s
.macro MLS2 d, s1, s2
smlsl2 \d\().2d, \s1\().4s, \s2\().4s
apply_window fixed, h
// nothing to do for round_sample and ML{A,S}2
.macro round_sample r, idx, next
.macro MLA2 d, s1, s2
.macro MLS2 d, s1, s2
.macro MLA d, s1, s2
fmla \d\().4s, \s1\().4s, \s2\().4s
.macro MLS d, s1, s2
fmls \d\().4s, \s1\().4s, \s2\().4s
apply_window float, s